Clear goals. Measurable results.

IA Corporate Communication are English training specialists for businesses based in Madrid, Spain. Bringing together decades of experience, we provide focused, high-quality and tailor-made programs for Spanish-speaking business people who need superior English-language skills in order to compete internationally.


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Classrooms are for school children, not for professionals.

We are not a language academy – we are run by business people for business people. We aim to build confidence and fluency so that you can start to communicate effectively at your current level. Our programs are centered on business-in-practice, with the guiding principle of enabling our Participants to do their jobs as effectively in English as they do in Spanish.


The best trainers. The best results.

We pride ourselves on only working with the best English trainers in Spain. Our trainers have an average 8 years of direct experience teaching English to Spanish professionals. Unlike other training facilities, we will never send you an inexperienced college student to teach you critical business skills.

We work with professional and experienced language trainers who understand Spanish business and readily adapt to the particular requirements of all our clients. Our trainers have different backgrounds and ways of working and we encourage their individual styles and strengths. We measure and reward our trainers’ performance on the results and feedback we get from the clients.


We listen to you.

Our approach is to create the collaborative atmosphere of a team meeting. Our Trainers are expected to learn about the specific vocabulary and necessary business skills of your industry. Our focus is always on helping the participants to work in English. All sessions are primarily focused on vocal participation, and are always dynamic and often fast-paced. We want the participants to feel under pressure in the safe environment of the session, so they feel more prepared in real-world situations.


At IA Corporate Communication, we mean business.

We build successful, long-standing relationships based on mutual respect, and we expect to become a trusted and invaluable component of your international team. This is because we focus on what you need, and make sure that you can see you are getting a measurable return on your investment in us. We also offer great flexibility to design programs that are compatible with your schedule and budget, as well as your needs.


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Is your company’s weaknesses in English negatively impacting your business? Contact us via the contact form and we’ll be delighted to see what we can do to help.

If you want a language advantage, confidence is key.

The participants taking our programs are professional business people – and we make sure we treat them as such. Each client has different needs and faces unique language challenges depending on their teams and their particular business environment. We supply trainers who are able to quickly learn and adapt to whatever those challenges are.

It is well recognized that confidence is a key factor in language fluency. Anxiety when speaking or learning a language leads to a dramatic reduction in fluency. In fact, people who struggle to speak with confidence can be perceived as less trustworthy and less convincing.

That’s why at IA, our trainers make confidence-building a priority.


Better measurements, better performance.

We provide a quarterly breakdown for each student showing their English level (grammar, vocabulary, etc.) and business skill set. This robust HR reporting tool enables you to track progress and make sure you are getting a return on your investment.


  • We listen to you. We learn about your business and your industry. We make sure you quickly develop the specific language skills that you need to do your job.
  • We provide experienced trainers to work with you as a team, in order to identify and target those specific issues affecting your business.
  • We regularly evaluate how we match the expectations and adapt to the changing requirements of our clients, using our proprietary IA Business Value Score© system.


The IA Participant Status Reports are designed to optimise how participants and trainers work together by identifying key areas for improvement. They allow our clients to monitor and assess individual participant progress and real current capabilities in English.