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We always want to hear from talented, resourceful and enthusiastic individuals who want to work with us at IA. We don’t just want teachers – although our trainers must certainly know how to teach. We need inspiring and motivating trainers who make sure our participants not only know how to speak English, but that they are confident and capable of using it in the real world of doing business for their companies.

A genuine company dedicated to their clients and trainers

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Varied and Fast-paced

The business world moves fast. Our trainers must constantly adapt to the immediate needs of the participants – one day helping prepare for an important meeting with an international client, the next week for a conference with a variety of different native and non-native English speakers. They do this while always focusing on the longer term goals we set with our clients – getting the sales team up to C1 level, or making sure the HR manager can interview candidates in English.

Pride in what we do.

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Many English teachers in Spain did not set out to become teachers or Trainers, but simply started doing so as a bridge to something else or as a means of supporting other ambitions: learning a language, travelling, university studies or simply the best available way to earn a living. However, the best, and the type of people we want to work with most, are those who take pride in how they do whatever they do, and get real satisfaction from doing it well. Which in our case means helping Spanish Professionals to be better, more confident and effective users of English when they are trying to do their jobs well in a second language.