If you are interested in joining our team of talented English trainers across Spain, here is more information about our recruitment process. You’ll also find some commonly asked questions below. We look forward to your application!



Go to the Join Our Network page to check if you meet our requirements (and we meet yours). Read through our FAQs for more detailed information.


Complete the online application form and submit your CV.


We’ll review your application and check your references and, if everything meets our requirements, we will email you back within two working days to proceed to the next step.


Our phone interviews take around 30-45 min in order to discuss some details about your personal approach to certain scenarios, and to see if you’d be a good fit with our company.



We’ll contact you within two working days if you have been successful. You’ll be invited to join our Trainer Network, and our Trainer Liaison will start matching your schedule with Clients. You will be given a Trainer pack, a service agreement to sign, and more info about how we work, admin procedures, etc.


Whenever necessary we will provide additional help getting set up, and especially any Training and preparation for particular clients (style of instruction, special requirements etc.).

Commonly asked questions about working with IA

How long has IA been around?

We started business in 2010.

What are your average rates for Trainers?

Our rates vary by Client and depend on convenience and number of hours on offer. The same trainer can have different rates with different clients, but the average rate is about €24. At Christmas and Summer, we pay bonuses as part of our profit-sharing scheme which reflects, among other things, any extra or specific admin required by particular clients. For trainers with multiple Clients this can mean an additional few hundred Euros each period.

What are the advantages of working with IA?

Our founding belief is that talented Trainers are rare, and should therefore be highly valued and treated with respect. The trainers in our network are rewarded well and paid on time; given a lot of autonomy to decide how to design and run their sessions. Any paperwork for Trainers is minimal and relevant.

How do you hire Trainers?

Outlined above are the 6 steps to joining our team. Applications are online, and interviews are carried out over the phone. We don’t currently insist on meeting face to face before offering trainers the chance to work with us, but we will meet everybody face-to-face at least once before sending a trainer to their first client. We won’t however offer work to any applicant who is not already firmly based in Spain.

Is experience required?

Absolutely yes. We only invite established and proven English Trainers to work with us. This preferably means experience of Training Spanish professionals for at least two years (the average experience of our trainers is more than five years). Exceptional candidates with fewer than two years are welcome to apply if they feel they can convince us they have what it takes.

Do you have any preference for particular nationalities?

No. We work with Trainers from a wide range of countries, and not exclusively English-speaking ones. Our only preference is for experienced native-level trainers, with a proven aptitude and desire for working in a professional corporate environment.

What qualification requirements do you have?

We have no formal qualification requirements and welcome Trainers with a variety of educational backgrounds. However, qualifications that demonstrate skills in training, motivation, command of English, initiative, public speaking or specific business ability will definitely help your application.

Do you hire non-EU citizens?

We very happily hire Trainers who are from outside the EU if they already have all the necessary paperwork to work legally with us in Spain. However, we can not help do any of the paperwork for those who do not currently have it, and we cannot offer work to any applicant who is not currently established and located in Spain.

Do you have a physical office, photocopy facilities or classrooms?

No, all our English training sessions take place online or on the Clients’ premises and all our back office and support operations are run as a ‘virtual office’. When we need to meet physically we borrow or hire workspaces, but collaboration between various support team members is done online or by telephone.

For administrative paperwork (sign-in sheets etc) we provide the photocopies. For photocopies of exercises to use in sessions most Clients allow us to use their facilities, within reason.

What support do you provide Trainers?

At large clients, there is an assigned KAM (Key Account Manager), who is your first port of call. We also have a Trainer Liaison who can deal with most queries that come up, or direct you to where you can get help. We have a Materials Curator on hand to help source materials and exercises if you need them. You can also reach the Payments and Admin teams directly and if no one else can help, both Mike and Stephen (the Directors) are always contactable.

Do you provide material?

We do not create our own course materials. Trainers working with us bring their own technology tools into the sessions and obtain and update all materials they need. In practice, because our Trainers already have many years of direct experience, most have amassed many of their own resources, and we encourage them to use it (as long as it fits our company policy and the needs of the client). We do require our Trainers to keep their sessions “fresh”, stay up to date with their material and make sure it is relevant to the Client’s needs, and as such we have a Materials Curator available to help source any extra material that a trainer might require.

Do you offer full-time contract positions?

Not currently. We are a growing network of like-minded and established freelance English Trainers. IA acts as a central hub to contract hours from corporate clients for our network, to provide support and to fulfil the administrative requirements of the clients, and to make sure Trainers working with us are paid correctly and on time.

How many Trainers do you hire per year?

We are quite selective, and find that at most we only extend invitations to join us to around 10% of applicants. We also offer all new hours to our existing Trainers before we look to contract new trainers. On average we contract about 5 to 10 new trainers per year.


If you meet all the requirements listed on the Join Our Network page and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you. If you do not meet all of our expectations, but you really feel that you would still be a great addition to our team, do feel free to get in contact with us, and let us know why.

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