English Training for Legal Professionals

Improve your English today working with trainers specialised
in the real-life needs of Spanish lawyers

Mejorar el nivel de inglés no solo es una herramienta profesional fundamental sino una herramienta motivadora personal fundamental en nuestra profesión, genera nuevas inquietudes y te permite acercarte a la realidad jurídica de otro entorno.

Senior Partner Abogada

The law is an overwhelmingly linguistic institution


Logra que aprendas mucho en cada clase, ya que éstas son muy amenas. Además, tanto en los deberes que te manda como en las propias clases, se ajusta al ritmo que puedas llevar como consecuencia de tu trabajo. 100% recomendable

Independent lawyerAbogada

Inglés es una asignatura pendiente. Debería ser fundamental en la carrera e implementada en las empresas para estar al nivel de un mundo globalizado

General CounselAbogada

A unos profesionales se les pida mas nivel de inglés que a otros.


Inglés es imprescindibleible en un despacho grande o en empresas


Hay mas de 90,000 despachos de abogados en España

Language is the central vehicle through which the business of law is transacted


It is an undeniable fact […] that English is the lingua franca of today’s world

Professor Martin Mateo Alicante University

Hay mas abogados en Madrid que en Francia y el doble que hay en Reino Unido

IA Legal Training Programs

Most lawyers say they need to improve their English

Lawyers working with IA:

  • improve their English for Professional Purposes through rigorous and practical language training.
  • are supported by expert and experienced trainers in their use of English in the business of law in Spain everyday.

IA specialised trainers are:

  • available for on-going programs and workshops.
  • help lawyers become content, confident and competent in their use of English for Legal Purposes.

IA Corporate Communication provides professional language training sessions and support for Spanish lawyers from specialised trainers.

IA Corporate Communication now offers our English Language Training through all forms of video conferencing. IA legal trainers provide specialised, personalised, professional language training to professionals across Spain. Distance doesn’t have to impede your training.

IA Legal Programs: Teleformación

Our Teleformación allows us to offer unprecedented levels of flexibility. Work with your trainer to find the best slot each week for your IA training session. Real life is complicated; let us work with you to offer the most convenient and effective solution for your English training needs. Linguistic support for the business of law.

  • TeleLegal Team

  • Group sessions for remote teams

  • Up to 4 participants
  • Trainer experienced in the needs of legal professionals

  • Tailored and personalised course content
  • price from 50
    per hour
  • TeleLegal Partner

  • Individual language training for legal professionals

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Trainer experienced in the needs of legal professionals

  • Tailored and personalised course content. Sector specific content.
  • price from 50
    per hour

Minimum Session length of 1 hour. Recommended session length 1.5 hours/week or 2×1 hour/week

Platforms available: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Whatsapp Video Calling, LoopUp Conferencing and more.

Want to keep it super simple? We also offer telephone sessions.

We also offer English language training for Legal Professionals on a Private basis. Contact us today to find out what rates and timetable we can offer you.

IA Legal Programs: Face to Face

  • Legal Group Sessions

  • Group language training between 2 – 6 participants

  • Minimum level B1
  • price from 50
    per hour
  • Year round courses. Monthly openings.
  • Associate Sessions

  • Personalised one-to-one language training for lawyers

  • Minimum level B1
  • price from 50
    per hour
  • Year round courses. Monthly openings.
  • Partner Plus Sessions

  • Associate Sessions augmented with extra schedule flexibility. Telephone, video conferencing and WhatsApp sessions available. Email support.

  • Minimum level B1
  • price from 55
    per hour
  • Start when you want

Training sessions take place in your workplace and in your schedule. Content and resources are designed around your practice area and your real-life needs using English for professional legal purposes.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
Michael Jordan

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