Our Training Programs

We work with you to tailor any of our programs to ensure that the business English needs of your company and the program participants are met. All of our standard Business Programs, our Specialised Legal Programs, Intensive Programs and Private Programs are available via video or phone conferencing, giving you even more control and flexibility to benefit from high-quality, tailored English training when convenient for you and your team.

Our classic programs are tailored to suit your company’s Business English needs.

Specialised English training programs for Legal Professionals

Our private programs are tailored to suit your personal language-learning goals.

Our Target Pack programs are short, intensive programs for professionals to improve specific aspects of their English for work.

All our programs are now available via video or tele-conference.


IA Corporate Communication offers our English Language Training through all forms of video conferencing and tele-conferencing. IA trainers provide personalised, professional language training to professionals across Spain. Distance doesn’t have to impede your training.

Our Teleformación allows us to offer unprecedented levels of flexibility. Work with your trainer to find the best slot each week for your IA training session. Real life is complicated; let us work with you to offer the most convenient and effective solution for your English training needs.

Get in touch for a free personalized quote! Our sales team will create a custom-made program proposal based on your individual needs, budget and language requirements.