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IA Corporate Communication provides professional language training sessions and support for Spanish lawyers from specialised Trainers. Our legal training programs are designed specifically with the professional needs of lawyers in mind.

Lawyers working with IA:

  • improve their English for Professional Purposes through rigorous and practical language training.
  • are supported by expert and experienced trainers in their use of English in the business of law in Spain every day.

IA specialised Trainers:

  • are available for ongoing programs and workshops.
  • help lawyers become content, confident and competent in their use of English for Legal Purposes.


IA Corporate Communication now offers our English Language Training through all forms of video conferencing. IA Legal Trainers provide specialised and personalised expert language training to professionals across Spain. Distance doesn’t have to impede your training.

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Improve your English today working with trainers specialised in the real-life needs of Spanish lawyers.


We train and support lawyers to use English as a tool to do their job.


English is no longer an optional extra. Legal professionals are expected to have a command of the English language.


All our IA Legal Trainers have experience in the legal sector and personalise their approach based on your professional needs.

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Get in touch to request more information about our specialised legal programs. Our team can help you choose the best program for you based on your individual needs, budget and language requirements.

“Mejorar el nivel de inglés no solo es una herramienta profesional fundamental sino una herramienta motivadora personal fundamental en nuestra profesión, genera nuevas inquietudes y te permite acercarte a la realidad jurídica de otro entorno.”
Senior Partner, Abogada

“Logra que aprendas mucho en cada clase, ya que éstas son muy amenas. Además, tanto en los deberes que te manda como en las propias clases, se ajusta al ritmo que puedas llevar como consecuencia de tu trabajo. 100% recomendable.”

Independent lawyer, Abogada

“Language is the central vehicle through which the business of law is transacted.”

Hobbs, 2008

“The law is an overwhelmingly linguistic institution.”

Gibbons, 2003

“A unos profesionales se les pida mas nivel de inglés que a otros.”

Co-ordinator, Abogado

“Inglés es imprescindible en un despacho grande o en empresas.”

Associate, Abogada

“Inglés es imprescindible en un despacho grande o en empresas.”

Associate, Abogada

“Inglés es imprescindible en un despacho grande o en empresas.”

Associate, Abogada

Hay más de 90,000 despachos de abogados en España.

“Mejorar el nivel de inglés no solo es una herramienta profesional fundamental sino una herramienta motivadora personal fundamental en nuestra profesión, genera nuevas inquietudes y te permite acercarte a la realidad jurídica de otro entorno.”

Senior Partner, Abogada


Our Teleformación allows us to offer unprecedented levels of flexibility. Work with your trainer to find the best slot each week for your IA training session. Real life is complicated; let us work with you to offer the most convenient and effective solution for your English training needs. Linguistic support for the business of law.

Minimum Session length of 1 hour. Recommended session length 1.5 hours/week or 2×1 hour/week

Platforms available: Microsoft Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Whatsapp Video Calling, LoopUp Conferencing and more.

Want to keep it super simple? We also offer telephone sessions.

We also offer English language training for Legal Professionals on a Private basis. Contact us today to find out what rates and timetable we can offer you.


Training sessions take place in your workplace and in your schedule. Content and resources are designed around your practice area and your real-life needs using English for professional legal purposes.


IA English for Legal Professionals Workshops are intensive, demanding and have an immediate impact on professional performance and confidence levels among legal professionals. Workshops are a clear demonstration of investment in talent for both the firm and the participant.

Whether it is to prepare for a specific, upcoming challenge, a periodic benefit for your employees or a regular, concerted effort to increase the office-wide English for professional purposes level, IA workshops are a popular and useful option for those participants unable to commit to the on-going programs.

Contact us today to discuss your tailor-made workshop.



  • Short courses focused on immediate needs with a duration between 8 – 40 hours.
  • Between 1 to 10 participants.
  • Minimum level B1.
  • Specialised trainers selected for each workshop.


Read more about our training approach. Find our how and why we tailor our IA Legal programs towards real-life application for legal professionals.

FOCUS: Away from the academic

We are not offering academic legal English training. We will not make you sit exams and take tests and study international law and British case studies in tort law – not unless you need us to.

We train and support you to use English as a tool to do your job.

Our project is not about passing exams and getting the best grade. It is about addressing the needs you and your clients have and providing hands on help to busy professionals.

Practical and real life application of the training content and time is paramount and we aim to have an immediate impact on making your life easier.

We want to make it easier for you to do your job, to say what you mean and move forward in your career, expand your law firms’ client base and extend your sphere of influence in your chosen area.

CONTENT: English and the Law

In front of a changing legal market place, we don´t need to tell you that that the business of law in Spain is changing.

In a sector filled with competent professionals and growing competition at both a national and international level, English is no longer an optional extra.

Both clients and companies expect their lawyers to have a command of the English language. It is now one of the basic tools that lawyers are expected to have at their disposal. Recent graduates are required to have a good level of English and increasingly management and partners are being called on to use English in their day-to-day operations.

Just as information management and office tools have changed in recent years, so too have the language requirements for legal professionals. No one is expecting cases to be defended in front of the Spanish courts in English but the jurisdictions of international contracts are increasingly outside of national borders meaning that the operational language is English. International and European cross-border litigation deriving the free movement of persons and common markets means that often the language of correspondence in English. Collaboration between European law firms often turn to the lingua franca de facto of the EU; English. Whether this is likely to change in the future or not may well be open to discussion but the fact of the matter is that across Europe and the world, English is the most widely spoken second language in the world of business and trade. Both commercial and private law practice demands a command of English regardless of jurisdiction. Legal professionals who seek to work in a globalising world need to demonstrate their ability to function effectively in this new reality.

Your clients speak English. Do you?

APPLICATION: Real life and Research

Supported by the IA Legal Language team, your IA Legal Trainer will work with you to expand your vocabulary, fluency and knowledge of your jurisdiction, discuss issues that affect it, explore international and European trends and industry insights.

English language training and support services offer immediate added value to your professional perspectives and prospects and improves your clients’ experience.

JUSTIFICATION: Investment in Talent

Lawyers, as effective communicators, have to convince the client, the judge, the counterpart. Good communicators find and use information well. They transmit and share information and ideas in the words that people understand. Communicative lawyers prove they understand the letter of the law and use spirit to practice law.

A good lawyer is a good communicator. Communicators use more than just the words they learned at their mothers´ knee and they don´t stop learning, ever. Investment in language training programs for legal counsel demonstrates the value seen in strong communication skills, in on-going learning and acknowledges the fact that language, in all its forms, is at the centre of law and legal practice.

Participants who receive English training in the work place say that they feel appreciated and supported by their firm. They have the confidence to work on improving their level and increase the scope of their professional performance.

Investment in training is known to be a key factor in personnel retention and employee satisfaction and morale. Attracting the best professionals means demonstrating investment in their futures´ as well as that of the firm.

BENEFITS: Expansion and Promotion

Whether you are seeking to expand and grow your firm, or looking to extend and improve your personal career studying, improving your English level opens doors and offers opportunities with both employers and future clients alike.

ATTITUDE: Your trainer, your training

IA English for Legal Purposes trainers are there for you.

Your experience, your needs, your responsibilities; we prioritise and personalise our training approach and content to the reality of your situation. As much a trainer as a language assistant, your trainer will help you with emails, conference, meetings, calls, reports, sales material, research, and more. They will also help you clarify, refine and improve your grammar, fluency, pronunciation, comprehension and all traditional language based skills.

APPROACH: More than an English teacher

What defines the difference between IA English for Legal Professionals and other Legal English courses is the trainer. We only work with professional and experience language trainers and the legal team is formed by trainers who excel and have experience in the legal sector. The team counts on linguists, pedagogues, public speaking specialists and legally experienced professionals to provide a specialised and personalised service to each and every participant.

TRACK RECORD: Experience tells. Results speak.

Lawyers who have worked with us have gone on to work in multinational law firms, drafting lawsuits in English. They have gained international clients for their current firms. They have built and maintained client relationships in English native speaking countries. They have travelled to and participated in international conferences on wide-ranging topics. They have helped both legislate and litigate. They have both avoided and defended cross-border claims. They have researched and studied and become familiar with using international resources and evidence in defending their cases in the Spanish jurisdictions. They have hosted and recruited international students and been published in international journals and media. They have improved their English level effectively, efficiently and now use English as another tool in their repertoire of skills.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Relationships matter

IA believes that the relationship between the trainer and the participant is key. It is something that must be nurtured throughout the service provision. They work with your talent to improve their skill set.

Participant confidentiality is always respected. A culture of mutual respect and trust is created.

But likewise, we believe the relationship between IA and the client is key. We stay in contact throughout offering feedback and asking for the same. Key account managers are assigned to large contracts and PSR issued regularly for all IA participants.

The legal programs also receive the added and constant support of the program director who can always be contacted by both participant and trainer in terms of content and materials support, roadmap and needs-analysis guidance. In the case of the Partner Plus Program, the program director will co-ordinate the online support, telephone sessions and language support portion of the service provision.

SOURCES: Materials and Resources

There is no single textbook that will explain your job as you do it today. Neither is there one textbook that can address all your needs with English for Legal Purposes. Instead, we utilise the realia you would want to access in English and build and provide the support frame around these real-life resources to aid your language acquisition and improvement.

Based on the insight of leading academics and practitioners in the field of English for Legal Purpose this approach has its roots in the early days of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) research and is proven to be the most efficient and effective approach for adult occupational legal learners. Drawing on insight from legal linguists, forensic linguists, discourse analysts, psychologists and sociologists, this approach is in line with current English language training trends towards communicative competence and task-based learning (TBL). The Partner Plus Program also trends towards Computer-Aided Language Learning Approaches (CALL).

We also encourage the use TILT based learning approaches. Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish has received a great deal of criticism in recent years as being old fashioned and backwards looking. While we seek to create an English-language-based training environment in which the working language is English, we believe that we can use Spanish as an essential and useful tool to both learn and save time. Translation in English Language Teaching approaches in English for Legal Purposes is especially useful due to the differentiation between Legal and General Spanish and Legal and General English.


Business Programs

Our classic programs are tailored to suit your company’s Business English needs.

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Intensive Programs

Our Target Pack programs are short, intensive programs for professionals to improve specific aspects of their English for work. Read more…

Private Programs

Our private programs are tailored to suit your personal language-learning goals. Read more…


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